John W. Cavanaugh Adult Education Scholarship

The New England Hemophilia Association (NEHA) is excited to offer this scholarship to adults in the New England bleeding disorders community who are looking to continue to their education via college, trade school, or continuing education classes.

Two scholarships will be awarded, for up to $3,000 each, based on the need of the applicant, for the 2024-2025 academic year.

  • This is intended only for adults who are looking to begin an educational journey, or continue their education, via college, trade school, or continuing education classes.
  • This is not intended for high school students.

About John W. Cavanaugh

This scholarship is in memory of John W. Cavanaugh. John was born in 1926 in Massachusetts and grew up in a time when treatment for hemophilia was marginal, at best. Yet, he never let it stop him from striving to provide a better life for himself and his family.

At age 30, John went back to school to get his college degree. That required eight years of night school. During this time, he held a full-time job, got married, and had six children. Child number seven arrived the year after his graduation from Northeastern University with a degree in mechanical engineering.

This scholarship is brought to the NEHA community by John’s daughter, Jane Cavanaugh Smith, to help honor her dad’s legacy and to assist adults in the NEHA community who wish to return to school.

Requirements and Deadline

The applicant must:

  • Be a United States citizen or legally living permanently in the United States.
  • Reside in one of six New England states.
  • Be a current NEHA member. Become a member here.
  • Be one of the following:
    • An adult diagnosed with a bleeding disorder.
    • A parent/caregiver of someone with a bleeding disorder.
    • The spouse of someone with a bleeding disorder.

Previous recipients of this scholarship may reapply throughout their academic career, but preference will be given to first-time applicants.

Applications for this year’s scholarship were accepted until Friday, April 5, 2024. 

Please note: the scholarship recipient must provide NEHA with a bill from the educational institution. Funds will be paid directly to the educational institution. Failure to do so before December 31, 2024 will result in forfeiture of the scholarship. 

Please contact Brandon Greene, at [email protected], with any questions about the scholarship or application process.

John W. Cavanaugh Scholarship Application

  • Employment Information

  • Please list your work experience during the past three years and dates of employment. Please use the following format: Company Name, Position, Start Date, End Date.
  • Educational Information

  • This can be where you are currently enrolled, where you plan to enroll, or if unknown, please list in order of preference the schools to which applications for admission have been sent.
  • What major or course of study do you plan to pursue, and why have you chosen it?
  • Goals and Aspirations

  • References

    Your information will not be reviewed unless a reference has been submitted to support your application. Please send them the link to this page. The reference form is located at the bottom of this page. References should be submitted only by the person making the referral and not by the applicant.
  • Submission

    By placing your full name in the box below and in submitting this application, you certify that the information provided is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Falsification of information may result in termination of any scholarship granted.

Scholarship Reference Information

Scholarship Applications will only be considered if a reference form is submitted to support the applicant.

Note: the following form should only be completed by someone in your life who recommends you for this scholarship. This includes: an employer, administrator, teacher, doctor, HTC staff member, social worker, community leader, or any other person outside of your family who can attest to your character or work ethic.

John W. Cavanaugh Reference Form

  • Please type your full name to serve as your signature for this reference form.