Community-Driven Programs

We are excited to launch a new initiative called Community-Driven Programs! These events are organized and hosted by a volunteer and are intended to provide another opportunity for people to gather throughout the region.

Examples of these events may include:

      • Coffee chat or afternoon tea
      • Dinner at a restaurant
      • Cooking class
      • Museum visit
      • Go-kart racing
      • Sporting event
      • Playdate with other families
      • Brewery tour
      • Paint night or craft activity

Submitting Your Idea

Our goal is for you to create your own event that helps members of our community connect and build relationships in an informal setting. The form below is intended to help you design and lead small events with support from the NEHA staff.

To get started, click the below button to tell us more about your event idea. Once the form is submitted, a NEHA staff member will reach out to you in a timely manner to coordinate further.