Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding disorders are a group of disorders that share the inability to form a proper blood clot. Find current and reliable information here on hemophilia A, hemophilia B, and von Willebrand disease.

Hemophilia Treatment Centers

Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) provide a range of comprehensive services for individuals with bleeding disorders and their families within one treatment facility. The concept of comprehensive care is to treat the whole person and the family, through continuous supervision of all the medical and psychosocial aspects of bleeding disorders. Today, there are 11 federally funded treatment centers in New England.

Financial Assistance

The NEHA Emergency Assistance Fund is available to help families and individuals in the bleeding disorders community in unusual, one-time, emergency situations. This fund is designed to support urgent, emergency needs such as food, utility bills, transportation to treatment, rent support, Medic Alert bracelets, medical supplies not covered by insurance.