NEHA Cares

The New England Hemophilia Association (NEHA) is happy to introduce NEHA Cares. NEHA Cares is a new initiative designed to connect bleeding disorders families in a meaningful and discreet way in times of need or change. This program is run entirely by volunteers from our community.

The NEHA Cares Team prepares personalized notes, cards, or care packages to brighten the day of some of our youngest community members and their families who are going through difficult times. These items may contain a handwritten letter, friendship bracelets, drawings, or another crafty memento from the NEHA Cares Team to help brighten their day. At this time, NEHA Cares packages are being provided to youth in the community.

If you know someone in the community who would benefit from a package, please submit their information below. If there is a family you know in financial need, please direct them to NEHA’s Emergency Assistance Fund Page.

By submitting this form, you allow NEHA to share your information with a volunteer from the NEHA Cares Team. Submissions will remain confidential and are used solely for the purpose of sending a care package.

NEHA Cares Nominations

Please provide as much information as possible to help us prepare a NEHA Cares Package.

  • Please enter your information as the person submitting this form.
  • Please list the full names of the community member(s) who need a NEHA Cares package.
  • Please explain the circumstances of the person you are nominating.
  • Is there any more information you would like to provide to help us personalize the care package? (i.e. favorite color, particular interests, etc.)