VWD Educational Webinars and Recordings

Recording sessions during our in-person programs, and hosting entirely-virtual events has allowed us to provide high-quality education, support, and advocacy to our community when meeting in-person was impossible or challenging–whether that is caused by a global pandemic or living in a remote geographic area. Sharing virtual recordings also allows members of our community to get involved and stay educated at any time, regardless of their location.

Topics include:

  • Advances in diagnosis and management
  • Managing pain alternatively
  • The evolution of care and treatment

Advances in Diagnosis & Management of VWD

This video is a recording of the Keynote Session at our 2022 VWD Retreat. The speaker is Dr. Veronica Flood, MD, a pediatric hematologist and researcher at the Medical College of Wisconsin. This session discussed advances in diagnosis and management of Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) and highlighted current and forthcoming therapeutic options.

Managing Pain Alternatively

This video is a recording from our 2022 VWD Retreat. The speaker is Angie Lambing, Nurse Practitioner; Hematology; Retired. Pain management can be a “sore subject” in the bleeding disorders community. In this session, participants learned about non-pharmacological pain management techniques that have documented usage in persons with bleeding disorders.

Evolution of Care for VWD Patients

This recording is of the Keynote Presentation with Dr. Christopher Walsh at our Von Willebrand Retreat in 2021. Dr. Walsh spoke about the evolution of care for people with vWD, including where we are now with treatment and where we are heading.

Von Willebrand’s Retreat

This is a recording from of 3rd Annual von Willebrand Retreat in 2020. The goal of this retreat was to provide community members living with vWD a chance to learn, network, and ask questions in a more focused setting. This is a recording of the virtual event.

Treatment for VWD & Other Rare Bleeding Disorders

During this webinar, Dr. Aric Parnes, MD, adult hematologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, offered an overview of current treatments and new therapies on the horizon for Von Willebrand Disease and other rare bleeding disorders.

VWD Diagnosis & Treatment‎

During our Von Willebrand Retreat in 2019, Dr. Salley Pels, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Yale Medical School and the Co-Director of the Yale Hemostasis Center, provided the keynote presentation to all attendees. This webinar provides you with a fundamental understanding of Von Willebrand Disease (how it works in the body and the products used to manage the condition), as well as a deeper dive into the more advanced nuances.