Webinars and Recorded Resources

Recording sessions during our in-person programs, and hosting entirely-virtual events has allowed us to provide high-quality education, support, and advocacy to our community when meeting in-person was impossible or challenging–whether that is caused by a global pandemic or living in a remote geographic area. Sharing virtual recordings also allows members of our community to get involved and stay educated at any time, regardless of their location.

This resource page houses all of our recorded sessions, webinars, and videos–all in one place.

Educational Webinars and Recordings

These virtual resources will help you stay up-to-date on the latest in the bleeding disorders community. These sessions cover topics like:

  • Medical provider panels with local hematologists regarding new and future treatment options
  • Gene therapy overview and discussions
  • Genetic counseling overview and case studies
  • Patient perspectives on clinical trial participation

For virtual resources and recordings relating specifically to Von Willebrand Disease, click here.

Support Webinars and Recordings

These virtual resources focus on different aspects of living with a bleeding disorder, like:

  • How bleeding disorders impact family members and siblings
  • Communication tips and tricks regarding bleeding disorders and social media
  • Coping with isolation and maintaining a positive attitude
  • Mental health and stress, and more.

Advocacy Webinars and Recordings

These virtual resources will help you as an advocate on behalf of yourself, your child, or your family. Topics include:

  • Reviewing your legal rights as a patient
  • Copay accumulator adjusters vs. maximizers
  • Health insurance updates and challenges
  • Tips and tricks to help you connect with lawmakers and elected officials
  • The difference between IEPs, IHPs and 504 Plans for kids in school