Support Webinars and Recordings

Recording sessions during our in-person programs, and hosting entirely-virtual events has allowed us to provide high-quality education, support, and advocacy to our community when meeting in-person was impossible or challenging–whether that is caused by a global pandemic or living in a remote geographic area. Sharing virtual recordings also allows members of our community to get involved and stay educated at any time, regardless of their location.

Topics include:

  • How bleeding disorders impact family members and siblings
  • Communication tips and tricks regarding bleeding disorders and social media
  • Coping with isolation and maintaining a positive attitude
  • Mental health and stress

Keynote: Benefits of Hypnosis

This is a recorded session from our 2024 Consumer Medical Symposium. The Speaker is Roderick R., CHt, CPH, CMH, a speaker, life coach and hypnotist. In this workshop designed for both those with bleeding disorders as well as caregivers, Roderick demystified hypnosis, teaching attendees how it can be applied to their unique situation. This session equipped attendees with the tools and techniques to practice self-hypnosis on your own to manage the many challenges bleeding disorders may present. Hypnosis can be deployed to address a number of concerns, be it stress, anxiety, pre- and postoperative management, fears and phobias, treatment adherence, pain management, circulatory control, dental procedures, behavior modification and more.

Loving the Life You Live

This is a recorded session from FallFest 2023. The Speaker is singer, songwriter, and disability advocate, James Ian. James delivered a powerful keynote presentation followed by a live performance of his hit song, SPACES. James was born with a progressive neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 3, and because of his physical disability, he was constantly shown in the media that his goals were unattainable. With the support of family, friends, and the SMA and disabled communities, In this uplifting presentation, James shared his story as someone living with a physical disability and how he has been a part of several groundbreaking creative projects that highlight people with disabilities.

Habit Hacks: Pocket Sized Progress, Epic Outcomes

This is a recorded session from FallFest 2023. The Speaker is Pat Torrey from GutMonkey. In this fun, engaging, and informative workshop, Pat explored the impacts of making incremental changes, building sustainable habits, and limiting obstacles to ultimately contribute to sustainable long term behavior change. Pat pulled from recent research and years of experience of working with people to show how these steps can contribute to better management of one’s healthcare and living their best life.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Sharing stories has a powerful ability to bring people together, help them understand each other’s perspectives, and helping to find common ground. This webinar featured a panel of community members who shared their stories about living with a bleeding disorder, or being part of a bleeding disorder family.

Coping With Isolation: A Siblings' Perspective

Feeling isolated is not uncommon for members of the bleeding disorders community, especially during events like a bleeding episode and hospitalization. The webinar centered on how siblings coped with this isolation and how these coping strategies could be extended to our entire community during that time period.

Communicating in the Era of Social Media

The discussion assisted our community members in gaining a better understanding of medical facts and other information found and shared online during a period when social media was the primary source of information and news. The visual presentation examined both serious and lighthearted social media examples and emphasized the importance of fostering critical thinking.

Humor, Magic & Medicine

While sick people may not exactly be able to laugh their way back to health, scientists are looking very seriously at the potential therapeutic value of humor in managing stress. In this webinar, we explored the relationship between the body and the mind.

How To Find The Silver Lining In Almost Anything

There is no question that challenges will always arise in our lives, but with new challenges comes new opportunities. In the webinar, Jim Stroker shared valuable suggestions to assist you in making the most of that time and establishing good habits for the future.

Maintaining Your Mental Health In Uncertain Times

If you are feeling stressed personally or professionally, this webinar is for you. Here, we explored how people managed stress, especially during times when lifestyles change drastically due to events outside of our control–like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It

Debbie de la Riva, founder of Mental Health Matters Too, conducted this webinar after her highly acclaimed session on Mental Health at FallFest in 2019. The webinar covered recognizing signs of psychological struggles in your loved ones and accessing available resources for assistance.