Throughout the year, NEHA hosts webinars for our community members. Webinars are live events with audio, video and chat capabilities. This allows members of the New England bleeding disorders community to get involved with our chapter and ask questions without needing to travel to one of our events.

Presentación con Guadalupe Hayes-Mota

El Chapter de la Hemofilia de NY (NYCHC) y la Asociación de Hemofilia de Nueva Inglaterra (NEHA) organizaron en conjunto una presentación virtual con Guadalupe Hayes-Mota, un mexicano con hemofilia severa que tenía que viajar 8 horas para conseguir su factor en Mexico. Vino a estudiar a EU y se graduó de MIT en Ingeniería y Negocios. Actualmente estudia en la Universidad de Harvard Política Pública.

2021 Annual Meeting & Meet the Board Webinar

Every year, during FallFest, we host our Annual Meeting. This allows attendees to meet NEHA’s Board of Directors and learn about their role in supporting the New England bleeding disorders community.

This year, the Board also walked us through NEHA’s eight-part Strategic Plan to guide us over the next five years. See our Strategic Plan here.

Wrapping Up The New Year

With 2020 being such a challenging year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar will help you learn lessons that we cant take into the New Year.

NEHA 2020 Annual Meeting

During NEHA’s Virtual FallFest, we hosted our Annual Meeting. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to being transparent with our community members, industry partners, donors, and supporters. Watch the recording of our meeting to learn more about NEHA, and where we stand as an organization.

Kids + School: Continuing the Conversation

Navigating school during a global pandemic is an ongoing process. During this webinar, NEHA partnered with the Connecticut Hemophilia Society (CHS) to continue the conversation about managing a new learning environment now that we are a few months into the school year.

Meet the NEHA Board of Directors

During this webinar, attendees had the opportunity to virtually meet NEHA’s Board of Directors and learn about their role in supporting the New England bleeding disorders community.

Attendees heard about the results of NEHA’s recent needs assessment survey and a new strategic plan initiative. Board members also discussed the important role of the NEHA Staff and the Board, as well as the many opportunities for you to be involved in the community.

Back To School Community Forum

As parents continue to wonder what returning to school looks like this year due to COVID-19, we hosted a community forum to help the New England bleeding disorders community with this transition. A certified school psychologist, nurse, and teacher led the conversation, answered questions, and offered resources to help families with this new learning environment—whether that is in-person, remote learning, or a combination.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Sharing stories has a powerful ability to bring people together, help them understand each other’s perspectives, and helping to find common ground. This webinar featured a panel of community members who shared their stories about living with a bleeding disorder, or being part of a bleeding disorder family.

Humor, Magic & Medicine

In this webinar, we explored the relationship between the body and the mind. While sick people may not exactly be able to laugh their way back to health, scientists are looking very seriously at the potential therapeutic value of humor in managing stress.

Maintaining Your Mental Health In Uncertain Times

In this webinar, we explored how people manage stress, especially during this current time when lifestyles have changed drastically due to COVID-19. If you are at all stressed right now personally or professionally, this webinar is for you.

How To Find The Silver Lining In Almost Anything

There’s no question that the coming days, weeks, and maybe even months are going to present new challenges as a result of COVID-19, but with new challenges come new opportunities. In this webinar, Jim Stroker shared helpful suggestions to help you make the most of this time and form good habits for the future.

Coping With Isolation: A Siblings' Perspective

Feeling isolated is not uncommon for members of the bleeding disorders community, especially during events like a bleeding episode or hospitalization. Isolation can also occur during times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

This webinar focused on how siblings cope with this isolation, and how these coping mechanisms can be applied to our entire community during this time period.

Communicating in the Era of Social Media

The discussion helped our community members understand medical facts, like information about COVID-19, during a time when social media is the source of information and news. This visual presentation examined both serious and frivolous social media examples, and emphasizes the importance of fostering critical thinking.

Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It

This webinar was conducted by Debbie de la Riva, founder of Mental Health Matters Too following her tremendously well-received session on Mental Health at our Annual FallFest in 2019.

This webinar included pointers on how to recognize if someone in your life is struggling psychologically, as we all what resources are available to you to find help.