NEHA hosts exceptional conference-style events throughout the year to provide educational programming and opportunities for networking among adults, teenagers (ages 13-18), and youths (ages 6–12). 


NEHA offers several retreat experiences throughout the year for a variety of bleeding disorder groups. These events are designed to offer education in intensely supportive environments in which individuals with bleeding disorders and their families can meet and share experiences with people who understand.


Our camps provide children and their parents an opportunity to connect with others in the bleeding disorders community while having fun in a safe and supportive environment. Now serving 77 families (300+ individuals) annually, Camp has earned support from many of the providers of our local Hemophilia Treatment Centers.

Community Groups

To help foster strong relationships within the bleeding disorders community, NEHA offers programming throughout the year for specific groups of patients. This allows people in similar situations to come together, be supportive, and seek support from others who are in a similar situation.

Blood Brother