NEHA hosts exceptional conference-style events throughout the year which provide educational programming and opportunities for networking among adults, teenagers (13-18 years old), and youths (6–12 years old). 


NEHA offers several retreat experiences throughout the year: a Women’s Retreat, a Teen Retreat, a Couples Retreat, a von Willebrands Disease Retreat, and a New Families Retreat. These events are designed to offer education in intensely supportive environments in which individuals with bleeding disorders and their families can meet and share experiences with people who understand.


Since 1992, NEHA has run a Family Camp for anyone with a bleeding disorder who receives care in one of the six New England states. Family Camp provides children with bleeding disorders and their parents an opportunity to connect with other, feel understood, and make fun camp memories in a safe and supportive environment. Additionally, Family Camp serves as a “self-infusion school” that teaches children with bleeding disorders how to take control of their condition and infuse their medication indpendently. Now serving 77 families (300+ individuals) annually, Camp has earned support from many of the providers of our local Hemophilia Treatment Centers.

Family Support

NEHA offers a range of events designed to offer support and foster connections among members of the bleeding disorders community.