On January 9, 2018, Anneliese Seitz-Mund, a beloved member of the NEHA community passed away from sarcoma. Anneliese was a community member for many years, mother of Christian and Hillary, beloved wife of Doug, and known to many as “Mama Mund.” She was integral to the success of many NEHA events, particularly Family Camp. Her kindness, generous spirit, sense of humor, willingness to pitch in, and integrity are second to none. We are deeply grateful for the impact she had on NEHA and on so many of us. She will always be remembered and loved.

In collaboration with the Mund Family, we have created the Anneliese Seitz-Mund Family Camp Scholarship to honor her memory. While NEHA proudly subsidizes 93% of the cost of Family Camp to make it affordable for everyone to attend, the Anneliese Seitz-Mund Scholarship will provide scholarships to families who would otherwise be unable to afford the remainder of the camp registration fee.

Upon acceptance to Family Camp, more information about this scholarship will be shared will all accepted campers who cannot afford the registration fee. Families will be able to take advantage of this scholarship with the help of their HTC. Please contact your HTC to request more information about this, or email [email protected].

If you are interested in supporting this scholarship, you can place a donation using the form below. All donations received through this form will support those in need of financial assistance to attend our Family Camp. Donations can be made year-round.

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