Financial Assistance

Emergency Assistance

The NEHA Emergency Assistance Fund is available to help families and individuals in the bleeding disorders community in unusual, one-time, emergency situations. This fund is designed to support urgent, emergency needs such as food, utility bills, transportation to treatment, rent support, Medic Alert bracelets, medical supplies not covered by insurance.

$100 for 100 miles

NEHA can help with travel costs to and from specific NEHA events through the “$100 for 100 miles” program. A $100 subsidy can be offered to any NEHA member traveling more than 100 miles roundtrip to specific events.

Camp Scholarships

NEHA proudly subsidizes 93% of the cost of Family Camp to make it affordable for everyone to attend. In addition to this subsidy, the Anneliese Seitz-Mund Scholarship fund provides scholarships to families who would otherwise be unable to afford the camp registration fee.

Academic Scholarships

There are a variety of academic scholarships available for students with bleeding disorders. Most of these scholarship applications are due in the spring preceding the year of enrollment. Please click here to access a variety of scholarships posted on the National Hemophilia Foundation Website.

NEHA Program Scholarships

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