Advocacy Webinars

Throughout the year, NEHA hosts webinars for our community members. Webinars are live events with audio, video and chat capabilities. This allows members of the New England bleeding disorders community to get involved with our chapter and ask questions without needing to travel to one of our events.

Accumulator Adjusters

This webinar was meant to help you better understand copay accumulator adjusters. During this presentation, our speaker explained why these are harmful to families, what is being done to prevent them, and what you can do if your insurance plan implements one of these harmful practices.

NEBDAC Meeting 2020

During Day Three of NEHA’s Virtual FallFest, we hosted the annual meeting of the New England Bleeding Disorders Advocacy Coalition (NEBDAC). This video provides an update on our advocacy efforts over the past year.

Connecting With Your Elected Officials During COVID-19

This webinar will help you connect with your lawmakers during this public health emergency. Here, we discussed what kinds of issues your state lawmakers are working on that are important to our community. MA State Representative Joseph McKenna joined us to provide insight into the lawmaking process. Finally, we discussed how you can connect with your lawmakers, and why this is important.

Copay Accumulators and Maximizers

This webinar explains the difference between copay accumulators and maximizers. This explains why these are harmful to families, what is being done to prevent them, and what you can do if your insurance plan implements one of these harmful practices.

IEP & 504 Discussion


IEP & 504 Discussion

As students begin a new school year, it is vital for parents and caregivers to have conversations with their teachers, guidance counselors, and school nurses about their child’s chronic condition(s). The New England Hemophilia Association teamed up with the Hemophilia Alliance of Maine for this interactive webinar to provide information about 504’s, IEP’s and IHP’s.