To help foster strong relationships within the bleeding disorders community, NEHA offers programming throughout the year for specific groups of patients. This allows people in similar situations to come together, be supportive, and seek support from others who are in a similar situation.

We offer support groups virtually and in-person at our events that rotate around the six New England states. These groups also come together throughout the year for stand-alone events.

Current NEHA Groups

Below is more information about the groups we currently host within our community. To join our contact list for a group you fit into, please enter your name and email address in the appropriate spot below.

Moms in Action

Moms who have a bleeding disorder, are a carrier or have a child with a bleeding disorder.

Dads in Action

Dads who have a bleeding disorder or have a child with a bleeding disorder.

Blood Sisters

Adult females with a bleeding disorder age 18 and over.

Blood Brothers

Adult males with a bleeding disorder ages 18 and over.