Emergency Assistance Fund

Patient Assistance Programs

There are a variety of programs sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Industry and others that support patients with financial needs.  The following document outlines each of these programs and provide some details and contact information.  Please review this material if you have a need for product support, or are having difficulties in securing sufficient funds for your factor needs.

NEHA Emergency Assistance Fund


The NEHA Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) is available to help families and individuals in the bleeding disorders community in unusual, one-time, emergency situations. It is not intended to be a repeat yearly fund. It is supported by generous contributions from individuals and corporations committed to the bleeding disorders community. Examples of appropriate grants are for food, utility bills, transportation to treatment, rent support, Medic Alert bracelets, medical supplies not covered by insurance, etc. The funds may be used for one-time aid, which will significantly improve the applicant’s quality of life. The fund is not meant to be used to remedy chronic financial problems, nor does it apply to insurance or mortgage payments, or drugs and factor supplies. Funding requests may be considered once a year for a maximum of $500 and must be referred by a healthcare provider.

Note: This program does not cover insurance premiums, deductible, co-payments, or co-insurance. 


To assist in the review and validation of applications for aid, the program usually accepts requests from hemophilia treatment centers and their affiliated social workers who are in the best position to evaluate individual consumer needs. These individuals usually know the candidates, understand their current financial state, and are better suited to determine the severity of the need for emergency funds. These agencies then submit the individual’s application for emergency aid supported by proper documentation. Follow-up calls from the Chapter office one-time when information is missing or to discuss the specific case when the need is unclear. Individual requests without HTC support may also be considered. Individuals interested in applying for NEHA’s Emergency Assistance Fund should speak with their HTC social worker and ask for their assistance.

Application for Emergency Financial Assistance

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    In order to process your request, please upload documents to support your claim for assistance. Your application can not be submitted without documentation.