Grow with NEHA: Daylilies Fundraiser

We are partnering with a gardener from Maine to offer the New England bleeding disorders community one-of-a-kind daylilies while raising funds for our 2021 Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk!

About Bill and The Maine Farm

Bill Warman, owner of The Maine Farm, grew up in Waldo County, Maine and has been an avid plant enthusiast since he was 10 years old. Bill has been breeding his own specialized hybrid daylilies for over 30 years! Over the years, his farm has grown over 2,000 varieties of these beautiful plants. After many years of perfecting these hybrid strains, Bill’s mission now is to donate these plants to local non-profits. Learn more about Bill’s efforts here.

About This Project

With the help of community member, Destinee Diprima, and the support from Optum, we were fortunate to have been given over 600 of these distinctive plants to help raise funds to support our programs and services.

We are happy to announce that we will be selling these plants to raise funds for our Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk. Sales for this year ended on September 11. Any daylilies purchased from this date forward will be shipped to you in the Spring. 

Please note: the blooms will have passed by the time you receive these. These were dug up to be bare root plantings. When planted, these will return back year after year. These are all uniquely created flowers that will look beautiful once they bloom. When purchased online, a random selection of the following colors will be shipped to you:

  • Bicolor Spider: Lavender petals and yellow/green throat
  • Lavender with yellow throat
  • Raspberry Rose with yellow throat
  • Deep pink petals with green throat
  • Pink with yellow eye
  • Pink with green throat
  • Red with green throat
  • Yellow
  • Brown

The prices for daylillies is as follows:

  • Three daylilies: $25
  • Five daylilies: $40
  • Ten daylilies: $75

Purchasing Online 

  • Payment: If you are interested in purchasing daylilies for yourself, a friend, or a family member online please use the form on this page to process your order through PayPal.
  • Colors: Please note, colors will be selected randomly between those listed above.
  • Shipping: All daylilies will be shipped in a USPS 2-day shipping box and will be wrapped in a plastic bag. Once you receive them, plant into the ground immediately or keep the roots moist in a dark and cool place.
    • If you’d like to make an additional donation to help offset the cost of shipping, please click here.

Purchase Here

NEHA Daylilies

If you would like to order more than ten daylilies, please email [email protected].

A Special Thank You

This project would not have been possible without the work of community member, Destinee Diprima for securing the generous donation of daylilies and for the support of Optum. We would also like to thank Hammond Buck, President of Plants Unlimited, for donating the pots and potting soil for this project; and Steve Frill Sr., from Nunans, for donating a truckload of dirt. Finally, thank you to Amy Friend and her family for selling these locally in Massachusetts.


January 01 2022 - May 31 2022


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