Kenny Thach

Kenny has Severe Hemophilia A and lives in Bethel, Connecticut. He first became involved with the bleeding disorders community through the recommendation of his nurse practitioner. Shortly after, he attended Family Camp with his mother and brother in 2012, and from then on he was hooked! He went on to become a Junior Counselor, and eventually a Counselor, and has since been a volunteer at various other NEHA programs where he can serve as a positive role model to others.

In addition to being involved in the local bleeding disorders community, he has also been involved on the national level; being in NBDF’s National Youth Leadership Institute (NYLI) and taking his experience around the country. Kenny is involved because he wants to give back to the community that has given him and his family so much.

Professionally, Kenny works as a scientist at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company (non bleeding disorder related) and he hopes to be a voice for young adults within the NEHA Community.