Mike Dowling

Mike was born and raised in Vermont and has lived there most of his life in the Burlington area. He was born in a small town in Vermont in 1960. But his pediatrician became concerned when neither his circumcision nor ambilocal cord would heal soon after birth. Mike was formally diagnosed with Severe Factor VIII Hemophilia by the State’s only Pediatric Hematologist at the time. He had no family history of a bleeding disorder.

Mike graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in economics. He is now semi-retired after having co-owned and managed a popular local retail arts & crafts/framing/home décor store for over thirty years in the Burlington area.

He began serving NEHA through their NEBDAC (New England Bleeding Disorders Advocacy Coalition), having done that independently for many years for his own healthcare and that of fellow Vermonters with bleeding disorders. It was through this service on NEBDAC that he became quite familiar with the fine work that the larger NEHA group was doing for all folks in New England with bleeding disorders.

Mike is happily married with two wonderful adult daughters and their husbands–each with one child.