Educational Webinar: Communicating in the Era of Social Media

This was the second event in our Webinar Wednesday Series. Throughout this series, we will be hosting a live webinar or virtual hangout every Wednesday evening at 7 PM ET about various topics of interest and importance in our community.


About This Webinar

On Wednesday, April 1, we hosted “Sense, Nonsense, Science: Communicating in the Era of Social Media.” The webinar will help you understand medical facts, like information about COVID-19, during a time when social media is the source of information and news. This visual presentation examined both serious and frivolous social media examples, and emphasized the importance of fostering critical thinking.


About Our Speaker

The presenter was Joe Schwarcz, PhD, Director of McGill University’s “Office for Science and Society.” Being on one end of a microphone and in front of television cameras for forty years has afforded Joe with some fascinating insight into the public’s perception of science. It has also provided an opportunity to separate sense from nonsense in areas ranging from nutrition and medications to cosmetics and pesticides. Joe is well known for his informative and entertaining public lectures on topics ranging from the chemistry of love to the science of aging.

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April 01 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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